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heath_vids's Journal

Heath Ledger vids
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About the heath_vids community:
Welcome to the Heath Ledger video community!
Here at heath_vids you can share and discuss videos.
Open to all fandoms and all vid genres (slash, het, gen, constructed reality, etc).
Posting Information:
To make it easier on our archivists and those looking for vids please put;
Subject line: Title or Song, character or pairing.
Also include tags with vidder's name, band, song, character, pairings, and genre
1. Stay on topic. This community is for Heath Ledger vids.

2. Feedback is apperciated. Constructive critism and comments are encouraged as well.

3. Just a reminder:"Your vid sucks", is not constructive and is not welcome in this community.

4. If you link to your vid in a "Friends Only" journal, please be kind and unlock that post. If you don't the vid information will be deleted from heath_vids

5. Disclaimer-Vids posted here are not intended to infringe on any television or music copy-writes. They are made for fun by the fans for the fans.